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Mark Brotherton

Intrepid Walla Walla cyclist Mark Brotherton ended up riding more than 600 miles in June to raise funds for the Great Cycle Challenge children’s cancer research fund, according to a tally on his online post.  

“Once I met my pledged 350 miles I bumped it up to 500 and ended up with 601,” Mark reported.  

His initial fundraising goal was $500 in donations, but he was able to raise $3,191.51.  

He clocked 59 rides, the longest of 103 miles. He ranked 183rd nationally, fifth in the state and his state team ranked 38th.

“Riding and raising money for the children’s cancer research fund was definitely worth the effort,” he said.  

“I believe many will benefit from all who participated and raised money through donations.  During the time it took to do the Challenge, some children were diagnosed with cancer or died from it which is extremely sad,” he said.    

His involvement is personal. His beloved brother Scott Brotherton died of cancer on on Sept. 1, 1994. “We shared many wonderful times together and I love and miss him more than one can imagine,” Mark noted on his web page, at  ubne.ws/2VTPmAy.

Mark isn’t done as he plans to tackle the challenge again in 2020.

Great Cycle Challenge reported at greatcyclechallenge.com that 80,331 riders covered 4,463,539 miles and raised $8,388,552. 


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