This month in the history of the Walla Walla Valley.

Ten Years Ago (2010)

On Aug. 1, the Port of Walla Walla will lease its Melrose Avenue manufacturing building to a startup, New Wind Solutions, to produce carbon fiber wind turbines. Initially 20 new jobs are expected. Also, Jack Wanichek, age 6, has raised $850 at his lemonade stand to help sick or injured children. The stand is set up in front of his father’s business, Walla Walla Builders Supply.

On Aug. 2, last month brought heat and very little rain. The hottest day was July 25 at 101 degrees, and the coolest night was July 4 at 52 degrees. Also, the lightning-caused Port Kelley fire was contained after burning about 3,000 acres. There were no injuries.

25 Years Ago (1995)

On Aug. 3, prospective jurors are still being questioned in a double-murder trial. The first 54 went through the initial series of questions.

On Aug. 10, a 10-year-old Walla Walla boy is missing in Illinois.

On Aug. 16, Daniel Betourney was found guilty of two counts of first degree murder.

On Aug. 20, this week is predicted to be sunny with warmer temperatures. Also, local crops of garbanzo beans are doing well this year. Yields are 50-75% higher than normal.

On Aug. 29, Washington State Penitentiary corrections officers union filed an unfair labor practices complaint due to tower cutbacks. Also, Walla Walla children go back to school today. Green Park Elementary went into the new wing.

50 Years Ago (1970)

On Aug. 3, Saturday night’s fire at Morgan Builders Supply, 521 N. Palouse St., has an unofficial fire damage estimate of about $500,000. Part of the nearby Tompkins and Nibler Inc. warehouse, North Spokane and East Oak Streets and a residence at 513 N. Palouse St. were also damaged.

On Aug. 9, the building of the new U.S. Highway 12 will begin tomorrow by Burnham Construction of Federal Way, Washington.

On Aug. 16, currently there are big sales at Agnes Apparel, M & R Drug, Plaza Shopping Center, Bergman’s, Crescent Drug, Eastgate, Southgate and the Book Nook.

On Aug. 25, the city of Walla Walla will get a $1.4 million grant for sewer treatment facilities. State and federal funds will bring the facility up to federal standards for 1975.

On Aug. 31, lightning caused at least 20 forest fires in the Walla Walla Fire District and more near Pomeroy.

75 Years Ago (1945)

On Aug. 1, Walla Walla Mayor Herbert G. West proclaimed Aug. 1 as Air Force Day. Harvest work in Dayton has gotten off to a good start.

On Aug. 7, Walla Walla Feed and Seed was incorporated recently.

On Aug. 19, One of the substantial number of Japanese balloons carrying explosives sent to damage the United States was found on Upper Dry Creek by Raymond Reser of Rural Route 1. It was above his horse ranch in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Also, this past week is the first time in two and a half years motorists could fill their tanks with gasoline.

On Aug. 27, a B-24 Liberator Bomber from the Walla Walla Army Airfield with 15 men aboard is missing, approximately 75 miles southeast from the base.

On Aug. 29, the missing B-24 Liberator Bomber has been located. It crashed 28 miles southeast of Walla Walla in the Blue Mountains. All 15 men aboard were killed.

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