This year’s local quilters at the upcoming Walla Walla Quilt Festival are a mother and daughter team.Pat Lucarelli and Susie Golden have been sewing and crafting for years. Pat sewed her children’s clothes. Now the pair enjoy time together sewing and quilting.

They will have a booth set up at the festival with many of their quilts on display. They are interested in sharing techniques and passing on the inspiration they have gained from other quilters over the years.

“If we find a new pattern,” Lucarelli said. “Then we’ve got to try it,” Golden said. They enjoy each other’s company and their craft. “We get together, sew together and shop. We have a good stash of fabric,” Golden said. It’s fun and relaxing for both of them.

They use mostly cotton fabric and Lucarelli said the thread can be anything. “We’re versatile, open minded to new ideas,” she said. “We’ve made many pieces for home decorations, large and small.” They are game to try new designs, new techniques and colors. 

They usually have someone else do the top stitch quilting, using a quilting machine. 

Lucarelli has a Sashiko sewing machine that uses one spool of thread instead of two, so the resulting stitches look hand sewn.

Golden enjoys the smaller projects that get completed more rapidly than larger quilts. Often she and her mother give quilts as gifts. Golden said, “It’s rewarding.”

“We’ve both done charity work,” Lucarelli said. “It’s always a challenge to get something new. Keep doing the pattern, with directions then get on social media and share ideas. Sharing ideas helps both of us. We both have grown.”

They enjoy their craft, each other’s company and meeting others who share their passion for quilting.

“We’re part of the Quilt Guild,” Golden said. “It’s great to meet friends and to share ideas.” “We go shop at Stash, we’ve become best friends,” Lucarelli said. “We go in just to visit sometimes. There’s always something new and then I want to make that.”

“We so fortunate to have Stash and Grandma’s Sewing Room, that’s right across from Walla Walla Sew & Vac, off Rose,” Golden said. 

“We’ve taken a lot of classes together,” Lucarelli said. “Susie was taking classes before I was.”

Golden is working on getting some projects finished up and Lucarelli said she always has projects going on. They each said they were surprised and honored they were selected as this year’s local featured quilters. 

“Hopefully we can help inspire people,” Golden said.

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