COLLEGE PLACE — A College Place family is knitting together October and footwear.

It’s called “Socktober,” a monthlong drive by the Rebelukag family and College Place Public Schools to gather 500 pairs of socks by Halloween. Donations will be distributed to area agencies that help people in need, Jenn Rebelukag said.

Socks are the most-needed but least-donated item of clothing, she said. “Low-income families’ children or homeless kids are coming to schools with no socks, dirty socks, holes in their socks, worn-out socks or mismatched socks.”

Rebelukag’s sons attend College Place schools, and she said she has challenged her boys to talk to other students about donating socks or doing other small acts of kindness that can make a difference.

But the drive is all socks and nothing but socks, Rebelukag said.

Drop boxes for sock donations are at Davis Elementary, Sager Middle and College Place High schools, plus one at Walla Walla High School. For more information, call Rebelukag at 509-876-8598.

Image: R. Kriatyrr Brosvik via Flickr; unedited