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As we embark on a new year and new decade I am hopeful that we can change the old viewpoint that age is a disease. Instead, let’s make a resolution for our senior pets to provide them with the best comfort and care as they age. After all, age is nothing but a number and mindset!

It starts with one plant on a sunny windowsill, then morphs into an impenetrable jungle. You may feel you need a machete to reach each individual plant to water and tend. Clear the way to improved growing conditions and convenient care while showcasing every plant with style.

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JROTC Booster Club is accepting sponsors and selling tickets for its fundraiser dinner Saturday, said Heidi Kincheloe, vice-chairwoman and event lead organizer.

Our focus is on Matthew 2, with a word about Matthew’s use of Jewish prophets. There were two different ways in which ancient Jews searched out ancient prophecies in the Scriptures. Predictive prophecy was prophecy in words. The search began with the ancient prediction and looked forward in …

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After Lions District Governor Ken Allen gave certificates for longtime service to Prescott Lions Club members Sandy Conlee, Ken Allen, Julie Himmelberger and Mike Himmelberger, “he got a sly they-are-not-expecting-this grin on his face and called Patty Tunnel forward for special recognition,…

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DAYTON — A judge in Columbia County Superior Court today imposed a more than 36-year prison sentence on Dayton native Benjamin Orozco, 45, convicted by a jury last August of second-degree murder, first-degree assault with firearm enhancements, and second-degree unlawful firearm possession.

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Looking back over 100 years in Walla Walla, Noon Rotary Club members celebrated their platinum jubilee with a party on Dec. 5 at The Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center.

A man who agreed not to commit new crimes in November 2019, after being charged with third-degree assault, second-degree malicious mischief and resisting arrest, has been charged with new crimes.

Haruko Kawai Kohno posted a photo on Facebook Friday of her young daughter making items to help Animal Rescue Craft Guild provide items to displaced and orphaned birds, koalas, joeys and other animals affected by bushfires raging through parts of Australia for about the last four months.

Every 10 years, the United States conducts its Census with the goal of counting every resident. The 2020 Census will count each person living in the country as of April 1, and for the first time will include an option for responding online.

Looking for new, innovative ways to engage with residents, Washington Odd Fellows Home, 534 Boyer Ave., partnered with Seattle-based Eldergrow to bring in a mobile sensory garden and indoor therapeutic horticulture program.

The older I get, the more empathy I have. More years lived and more life experiences have taught me that we all need help at times and another person’s experience today could be mine tomorrow.

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Left: Economy gas station and a toy car, Isaacs and Wilbur avenues, Nov. 29, 1957. Above: Union Pacific railroad roundhouse near 10th Avenue & Elm Street razed, Nov. 10, 1957. Below: Washington State Penitentiary’s new license plate factory, October 1957.