Cutting-edge science and down-to-earth sheep farming practices are co-anchors in an ongoing rescue effort to save wild bighorn sheep populations in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s Sunday. The Seahawks are not on TV. I’m bored as an ice fisherman in July. I suggest to Wonder, my wife, we drive until we see a cloud.

One of Walla Walla’s newest wineries brings with it a veteran wine-making team with a rich mix of experience and a penchant for experimentation. It’s a sign of growth and a maturing industry that it is capable of attracting excellent talent from outside the region.

By the time December kicks in and the new year feels poised to strike like a Venus fly trap, I don’t mind looking for some help. When this happened last year, I fortuitously collided with the possibility of taking an evening tai chi class offered by the Quest program at Walla Walla Community…

Next time you’re in the kitchen, give a look at the tools you use almost daily to prepare a meal. Do some give you a little jolt of pleasure every time you use them? Ones you would have trouble parting with?

From one small seed planted in mid-May, large-leaved and lush vines stretch out a little more each day until they quietly cover large territories and the ground around them disappears.

Here come the holidays, and along with them a cavalcade of parties, dinners and wine-friendly special occasions. Now is the time to stock up for entertaining, gift-giving, Thanksgiving and toasting the New Year.

It probably goes without saying that photography is primarily about the light. The word itself is derived from Greek words meaning “light graphing” or “light drawing.”

Combine Art Collective, downtown Walla Walla’s new spot for fine art, got its name in honor of the region’s history in agriculture.

Dave Stockdale is a painter of plants. His densely planted garden in a subdivision is a colorful and highly textured painting that changes by the week, and when in it the rest of the world drops away.

Tree shaded parks, roads and houses, flowing lawns, a profusion of flowering and flamboyantly foliaged shrubs; Walla Walla is green.

Alycia Silver’s very modern, one-level home at 321 SW 11th St. in College Place, really charmed her from the first time she saw it.

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