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The previous months I haven’t wanted to get into it, but many readers have asked me “what phone?”

I wasn’t being coy. I just didn’t want to be seen as endorsing a phone. But I’m not shy in talking about Nikons, so why not just say I bought an iPhone 11 Max Pro?

I did. And that’s what I’ve been writing about.

Now while I was disappointed with having it as my only image option on vacation, I do like the camera functions. It makes big, sharp files and I love the ultra-wide lens. It is handy.

With time to play, I have some thoughts on the camera itself.

It has some nice in-phone options for night/low-light shooting, image ratio, self-timer and color filtering, but the one I like best is Live Photo. With this turned on, every image is many images captured in fast succession. Basically a video. Post shoot, you can then choose the image where the smile is optimal or the eyes are open, etc.

It also allows you to make quick video loops or combine all the frames for long exposure blurs, say for moving water or swirling carnival lights. Pretty cool.

I was told one of the best apps was Snapseed. It is free and ad free. It downloaded easyily and one of a zillion YouTube videos got me started. It has been fun to play with during down time.

Open Snapseed and it prompts you to select a photo. Once you’ve opened one there are two primary editing tools — one called Tools and the other called Looks.

Looks are quickie, one-touch filters. I love the fact that the photo you’re editing is shown with each Look’s effect. So convenient.

As a journalist — therefore much more of a visually literal person — these don’t interest me much, but I know these special effects are highly popular. If you like them, you’ll love these.

The Tools, being more like the standard Photoshop editing I’m used to, are much more to my liking. Here you can quickly adjust white balance and contrast, crop and rotate, and do selective editing of specific image areas.

Beyond these basics, there is a lot to explore here and I’ve only touched the surface so far.

Many of these Tools are the same as Looks — Glamour Glow, Drama, Vintage and Retrolux, as well as several black and white conversion functions.

Honestly, I’m not sure I’ll dig a whole lot deeper. I regularly download my phone photos for archiving and I’ll probably continue to give the best a quick bit of photoshopping and be happy.

But if you do most of your photo work on and through your phone, I guess I can recommend this app.

I know I can recommend the iPhone 11 Max Pro. 