This quiet place, bordered by a creek and looking out at rolling wheat fields, is the home of Jill and Dick Ingram.

My love of photography and photojournalism is very well documented. Just the normal day-to-day routine of documenting my community is a joy.

Leaving the Tucannon River valley and its wild turkeys behind, just beyond Starbuck, a town so small the New Year’s first baby might be born in October, I turn on the road toward Little Goose Dam.

For decades, the choices for Washington-made sparkling wines were limited to low-priced bottles made from generic blends by the state’s largest winery. Once in a while, a smaller producer might take a stab at making a better sparkler using the Champagne method — a matter of both grape choice…

Technology allows everyone to contribute to science research in today’s world.

I look forward to celebrating the 4th of July with friends, lawn games, and the kind of foods I associate with the holiday — specifically burgers, potato salad and chocolate cake.

In 2005, when Mary and Jon Campbell bought the 10-acre property bordered to the north and south by Yellow Hawk and Caldwell creeks, the property had been neglected for some time.

John Culhane and Nathan Williams, 1004 Alvarado Terrace, have a garden that combines many elements that bring them joy. When they purchased the home in 2012, they got a work project, both inside and out. But the garden offered some respite from the interior projects and vice versa.

Nathan Williams and John Culhane, 1004 Alvarado Terrace, are all settled into their large home, but they had some work to do to get there. This included some cleanup and restoration. And then they started a bed-and-breakfast.

While helping to prepare this month’s article on hiking to Ice Lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness near Joseph, Ore., it occurred to me that backpacking and photography go very much hand in hand. I can’t imagine hiking and not documenting the experience with images.

When I joined the Walla Walla YMCA in 2018, I was intrigued to learn that the organization, originally founded as the Young Men’s Christian Association in England 175 years ago, had nationally rebranded itself as “the Y” in 2010. And while specific affiliates, such as the Walla Walla YMCA, r…

Canvasback winemaker Brian Rudin showed up at my home in Waitsburg with two vertical flights of his Cabernets, a stitched-up and banged-up right arm, and a tale of a near-brush with disaster on a rock-strewn, backcountry ski slope. A handsome devil in his late 30s, he’s married to winemaker …

The lake is a shimmering pool of emerald and turquoise so clear it acts as a mirror reflecting the white granite and red shale peaks that surround it.

Out looking for a house in 1996, Ron and Pam Alexander were drawn to their 1977 home at 13 W. Imperial St. in Walla Walla because of the warm and rich cedar exterior.

Crossing the Cascades in May, my car bulging with as many belongings as I could fit, I was shocked to behold endless miles of rolling hills painted in light ecru. After 15 years by Puget Sound and 30 years in New England, I was used to green. How would I learn to love this strange new land t…

Mainstem Malt plans to expand local beer culture while contributing to the revitalization of a large building on Dell Avenue.

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