The home nestled behind trees at 1308 Bonsella St. welcomed owners-to-be Joe and Cindy Meyer when they first walked in to look at it in 1992. They had a list of all the things they wanted in a home. This one didn’t have any of those, but it still felt like home.

Thank you all for the great feedback on last month’s Lehman’s Terms. Clearly many of you are concerned about the preservation of film-era images in a digital age. I received a lot of thanks yous and some great ideas as I move forward on digitizing.

Recently, the two leading national wine publications released their annual lists of the country’s top restaurants. Good food counts of course, but their focus, unsurprisingly, is on the quality of the wine cellars and wine service. Only one Walla Walla eatery made either list (full disclosur…

If you’d rather sip a California Chardonnay than a French Chablis, most likely what delights you is the influence of oak, since both wines are made from the same grape but are produced differently.

The drowning statistics for children under age 14 are alarming. According to the World Health Organization, accidental drowning has become a significant concern, such that drowning has now been declared a worldwide health issue.

There was a brief period in the ‘70s when I was a vegetarian. But then I moved onto a farm that had an old smokehouse. My then-husband kept it stoked with alder and stocked with local trout and home-cured bacon. My resolve melted away faster than pork fat in a hot skillet.

I met Mariela Rosas in a room full of toys, maps and other school supplies, most of which she has received as donations or gleaned from rummage sales. On a table among stacks of books sits a miniature model of the Walla Walla University campus, which Rosas said she salvaged from the trash du…

Suzy Kunda’s garden on the steep-banked corner of Catherine and Locust streets sings in many seasons. In spring, small rosettes of jewel-hued lewisias trumpet from her rock retaining wall, while cascades of the pale-yellow Japanese forest grass (Hakenechloa “Aureola”) light up the landscape …

The luxury of establishing and maintaining a well-stocked wine cellar is just that — a luxury. Like any other much-loved hobby, it pays terrific dividends to those willing and able to invest the time, energy, patience and money required. But lacking a full-throttle wine cellar does not mean …

Naomi and Robert Fulgham at 2994 Barney Road, Touchet, appreciate settling in and staying awhile.

From Clemie serving her famous clam chowder to Millie serving the best tuna melt sandwich in town — today this iconic setting takes a place in American history, and Walla Walla too has many stories of former lunch counters.

I came across an interesting display at the Whitman College library today — interesting in that for a fella who feels pretty spry, it had me looking for a walker and a place to take a nap lest I collapse of old age.

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m south of Milton-Freewater flying down Highway 11 at 55 mph — wink, wink — getting passed by hordes heading for Pendleton. Half-price day at the Underground Tour? Buffet special at Wildhorse Resort & Casino? Families late for church?

The tomatoes are ripening. You can barely keep up with all the cucumbers, zucchinis and peppers. You want — nay you need — to enjoy the fruits of the season, but it’s too hot to think about anything more complicated than lighting the grill.

The farmland held by the Broughton Land Company have been in the family for 100 years and were first farmed using horses and mules, but many modern farming innovations are breathing new life into the land, its soils and water.

To step into the sanctuary of the Duchovny Dom Byzantine Catholic Men’s Monastery on Weston Mountain is to enter an unexpected portal.

Summer is here and with it — wasp season. Yellow and black, all black, darting or hovering, we all react and often recoil when wasps are near us. Wasps are common around our dwellings, outbuildings, gardens and fields. Some are entirely beneficial and benign, others both beneficial and bothersome.

This quiet place, bordered by a creek and looking out at rolling wheat fields, is the home of Jill and Dick Ingram.

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