Bob and Jill Zagelow purchased their home at 1391 Country Club Road in 2017.

From first glance, the green, L-shaped house tucked off the road unfolds and amazes. Concrete roofing adds texture and interest.

The couple was happy in their former home, just three doors down, but this just felt right. Former owners Terri and Gary Hanson had done most of the upgrades, the home was move-in ready when the Zagelows purchased it.

“I wasn’t looking at all, but Jill loves to entertain,” Bob said.

It is the perfect home for entertaining, with an easy traffic flow, open design and huge windows providing natural light everywhere. The large home is about 6,600 square feet, with a 1,000-square-foot living area for the Zagelow’s son to enjoy as his own.

The home is an elegant combination of old and new. It was built in 1967 on the site of an existing basement from an old farmhouse. Originally the farmhouse was on 4 acres. Bob said the home was torn down, but the basement was kept. Recently they added 70 feet of solar panels.

It has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a main floor and the finished basement, which has a full apartment with its own separate entrance. The finished basement is the family’s comfy TV room, but they don’t use it much. It is set up as a guest area, with kitchen, bath, bedroom and living area. It also has a fireplace.

The home is large enough to entertain dinner guests as well as children and grandchildren.

Their granddaughters often stay in the pink bedroom, which has a chandelier with some pink crystals. The girls love it, they said.

The spacious fenced yard adds to the appearance of total seclusion and privacy. There the solarium is often the site of buffets and can accommodate about 32 guests for a sit-down dinner.

Art work decorates all the rooms of the home, adding to the vibrant elegance of the residence.

Jill likes to sit in the chair in the solarium and look out into the garden and enjoy the flowers. Roses are spectacular, and near the window is a hibiscus that’s new but thriving. She also loves all types of succulents.

“You can’t kill them,” she said.

Bob likes what she calls the “rotunda room.” He calls it his “man cave.” It used to be a garden gazebo for a hot tub. It has huge, rounded windows, with a chandelier accenting the room.

The Zagelows still have some small projects, mostly outdoors, they want to do, but all the large jobs are already done.

The old berber carpet is very comfortable, and they enjoy the durable built-ins, all done in the 1960s.

A stunning central feature is a natural gas fire pit in the living room surrounded by sparkling rock.

The home has been remodeled several times, adding on more living space. It kept expanding and still looks grand and very livable.

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