Walla Walla Valley newcomers Carmen and Ed Thomas — at 1416 Whiteley Road, on the south side of Walla Walla — have lived in many parts of the country before arriving here, including the east coast, then Michigan, then they moved to Bellevue.

Editor’s note: This content was written before new COVID-19-related restrictions were enacted in Washington state. Check with individual wineries regarding their Holiday Barrel Tasting Weekend plans.

Not for just fit for the traditional jam role of a thin topping on toast or a mere accompaniment to peanut butter, Jennifer Kleffner’s Farmhouse Jams at Miles Away Farm are summer personified all year long in small round jars.

With new leadership at the helm of the Sherwood Trust, the charitable organization with deep roots in the Walla Walla Valley has proven its history of generosity is more important than ever in the time of COVID-19.

Everyday things of beauty can remind us to ground ourselves when the whirl of news and events distracts us from what is solid and good — the earth beneath our feet.

Back in my golfing days, I was drawn to the many different accessories that claimed they could trim a stroke or two off my handicap. Given that my handicap was that I attempted to play the game at all, there were almost infinite options for some serious trimming.

Some things Jeanine and Trevor March love about Walla Walla are the huge trees, historic homes and shade covered streets.

For many, hunting and fishing in the Walla Walla Valley during the fall is a lifelong tradition, for others it’s a new activity. Fortunately for them both, handy information is available.

When Jared Burns, winemaker and founder of Revelry Vintners, was looking for an architect to put the finishing touches on his new facility on Peppers Bridge Road in Walla Walla, he knew exactly who to tap. His former Whitman College roommate, baseball teammate and fraternity brother, Blake F…