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Lori Dobbs, Matt Humbert, Connie Westergreen and Rod Isaacson of Tucannon Meats.

Choices for the ever-growing multitude of locavores in the Walla Walla Valley are expanding, and a local company’s new location is adding to that selection.

Headquartered in Dayton, Tucannon Meats’ newest retail store in Walla Walla offers meat that’s pasture-raised and grain-finished right here in the Valley. 

Owners Jim and Connie Westergreen and Gary and Joann Grendahl are proud that Tucannon Meats is committed to community-supported ranching. That assures consumers about where their meat comes from, how it is raised, and what it is fed. 

Tucannon Meats features a wide variety of USDA-inspected beef, lamb and pork, all free of hormones and antibiotics.

Its Walla Walla shop, managed by Rod Isaacson, specializes in custom work and offers individual cuts and economical boxed meats tailored for consumers who can’t purchase a whole or half beef or hog. Packages include a 30-pound “Steak and Roast” box; a 30-pound “BBQ” box, which includes steaks, ribs and hamburgers; and a 50-pound “Beef” box. 

Tucannon’s cured meats are hand-crafted from the Grendahls’ own recipes. Its bacon, ham, sausage, pepperoni and beef jerky have an enthusiastic following, and its smokehouse allows it to smoke turkeys seasonally. 

Customers can order most products online and have them shipped to their door.