Alexander's chocolate classics

Alex Radcliffe shows off the exquisite truffles, chocolate desserts and European drinking chocolate, just a few of the delights at Alexander’s Chocolate Classics in Dayton.

Alexander’s Chocolate Classics is resplendent with truffles, fudge, pastries and cookies. Triple-chocolate brownies, cannoli filled with white-chocolate butter cream, and chocolate cream cheese cakes are just a few of their desserts. Even the shop’s chocolaty décor gets you in the mood. 

Alex Radcliffe and his partner, Steve Machajewski, honed their craft at Beligian chocolatier Callebaut in Chicago. The pair had a successful chocolate gift service in Lynnwood, but decided to move away from the West Side so they could open a retail store. They were looking for a comfortable small town with a vibrant and welcoming business climate, and they found what they were looking for in Dayton. They were joined in their newly renovated space on Main Street by Radcliffe’s cousin Dianne O’Dell, who does their baking.

Alexander’s features creations made with 30 different kinds of chocolate, including African, French, German, Swiss, Belgian and America’s own Guittard chocolate. The shop offers European drinking chocolate (move over, hot chocolate), Nespresso™ Grand Cru coffees from around the world, and special treats just for kids. 

When you’re thinking about holiday gift-giving, consider a jewel box of their exotic truffles or the ultimate gift, their signature “Alexander the Great” gift book, complete with a very rare cacao bust of the great man. You owe it to yourself to visit the shop, if you can, but you can also order online.