Wine might be at the forefront when you think of Walla Walla’s beverage of choice, but beers and brews are popping up in every corner and are putting the region on the map for craft ale enthusiasts.

So, for the September edition of Lifestyles magazine, we are cracking open some cold ones and celebrating the beers and brews of the area. Here’s a peek at what we have served up in the following pages:

Waitsburg’s Laht Neppur Brewing Company’s Court Ruppenthal knows where the wild hops grow and incorporates them into his Whiskey Creek Wild Hop Ale. Autumn Alexander goes Behind the Scenes with him on Page 9.

Breweries are burgeoning in the Walla Walla Valley, a place better known for its wineries. But the roots of brewing ales here go much deeper, Diane Reed writes in her History column on Page 14.

Glasses clink at a new tasting room in south Walla Walla. But wine isn’t the main course at Five Dollar Ranch — it’s craft beer. Writer Gwendolyn Elliott taps in to the story of the husband-wife duo that opened their business in June on Page 17.

Growing up, Chris Castillo felt he was expected to follow his father’s footsteps into the business of dentistry. Years later, on a completely different path as a brewer, he became the winemaker of the family’s winery business and has also added brews to the Castillo de Feliciana Winery tasting room lineup. Kate Frey has the full story on Page 21.

For some non-fermented reading:

Jeff Petersen finds peace and wild surprises along Couse Creek Road in the Blue Mountains south of Milton-Freewater in this month’s Day Tripper on Page 24.

Plus, Steve Lenz has tips for capturing picture-perfect wildlife photography in this month’s Behind the Lenz column on Page 27.

Thank you for reading Lifestyles magazine. Pull out a frozen mug, crack open a cold one and happy reading.


Annette Potter can be reached at or 509-526-8311.

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