The Cardell home sits in a wooded area beside Stone Creek. The woods originally had pathways crisscrossing it, so the couple decided that would be the theme of their lawn and garden.

“The yard was not in good shape,” Becky says.

The house had a desolate front yard and solid overgrowth of trees and vegetation in other areas.

“I’m not a great gardener. I need real low maintenance. What we have comes up every year, and we are near a creek so there is a lot of cutting back,” she says.

It’s not a question of what to plant or needing more. The area is naturally shaded with plenty of water, so it’s about controlling the lush growth. Becky and José get help with the lawn and garden from Mañon Lawns. 

Their yard honors the history of the area. It’s still wooded with gently curving paths through it. These pathways are made of fine wood chips that cushion the feet, keep weeds down and make for less yard work.

Becky and José often walk along the path to the creek, where they have a small table for a dinner beside the soothing water.

The path continues through the trees and up a slope to the side lawn. There is a bench about halfway with garden decorations beside it. These decorations are simple copper tubing topped with colored glass doorknobs.

The area has an overhang of birch trees, the lawn decorated with colorful spots of flowers here and there.

Becky and José don’t grow vegetables because there’s so much shade. But lush flowers and greenery are wildly successful and low-maintenance.

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