Soggy weather prompts protective gear on Main Street and all around the Walla Walla Valley this morning.

A slow moving and very wet weather system has prompted a flood watch through Saturday for Walla Walla and surrounding areas.

One to three inches of rainfall is expected by tomorrow morning, the National Weather Service said today. This will lead to rises in small streams and rivers coming out of the mountains with the potential for some flooding.

As of 5 a.m. today, several rain gauges in the Blue Mountains had reported around 1.5 inches of precipitation so far, the weather service reported. Steady rain is expected to continue through the first half of today and then begin to decrease this afternoon and end overnight.

A total of 0.29 inches fell Thursday on Walla Walla, and the rain has continued since midnight. Since Tuesday, a total of 0.39 inches has fallen, according to the weather service.