Speaker: Susan Pickett, Catharine Chism Professor of Music, Emerita, Whitman College

Fort Walla Walla Museum is celebrating the history of music in the region in a special exhibit to open this month. During this presentation, speaker Susan Pickett, violinist, musicologist, and Whitman College Professor Emerita, will be speaking about Emilie and Marion Bauer, Walla Walla natives who would go on to have influential music careers in New York City.

The Bauer family had a prominent presence in Walla Walla. The eldest child, Emilie Frances, may have been the first Jewish child born here in 1865. Marion Eugenie, the seventh and last child of the Bauer family, was born here in 1882. Emilie Frances, who was initially a music critic for the Oregonian, moved to NYC around the turn of the century. She was the first American critic to whom Claude Debussy allowed an interview. Marion Eugenie soon joined her sister in NYC, studying music composition. During her lifetime, Marion composed over 160 works, including a symphonic poem that was performed by the New York Philharmonic in 1947. Marion died in 1955, the last of the direct Bauer line. Like so many women who were recognized for their talents during their lifetimes, both sisters disappeared from the annals of music history until Susan Pickett’s curiosity led her to rediscover the careers, writings, and music of these two remarkable women.

Talk begins at 4 pm.


  • Occurs Thursday, February 27th, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Fort Walla Walla Museum

755 Myra Road


Fort Walla Walla Museum