I am writing, as many others have, regarding the Bachtold annexation and planned building of approximately 400 homes on the 100 acres by Hayden Homes. Many letters, I am sure, have addressed traffic, infrastructure, distance from services, foot traffic through and around the Bolders and Table Rock, many issues surrounding the safety of children on bikes and walking to and from school and the need for bussing from the overflow of children in the district, and the list goes on and on.

I would like to address the first environmental impact to our county area.

Ten years ago I moved to my location, and was required to purchase one acre, as did my immediate neighbors. The view was perfect, little traffic, country setting, and an ideal place where I could offer my services of bird rescue (sometimes animals), after retirement. For the birds (ducks, geese, pigeons, and any other type of bird), my back yard, which contains a pond and areas for recovery, has benefited the city and county of Walla Walla and their residents. I receive calls from city dispatch, county, Blue Mountain Humane Society, and residents who have been given my home number from all three. Some of the rescues still reside at my residence, including Gus the goose that made the front page of the Union-Bulletin on Feb. 24, 2019. The additional traffic will upset the balance of peace in my neighborhood.

The second environmental impact I would like to address is the family of cliff swallows that live in the hills on Cottonwood Road.

When the building of Table Rock began, the swallows left until a couple of years after the building commenced. They are now back and flourishing again. All swallows are listed as threatened. All swallows are federally protected. The years of building and traffic will again cause them to migrate.

I do hope that you thoughtfully consider the annexation that would permit this 100-acre property to become city, and therefore allow the plan for Hayden Homes to build its 400 homes on a prime piece of county real estate.

 Linda Sherman

 Walla Walla 

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