If any compliment can be given to the anti-Trump folks, it’s that they stick together. They’re united in their determination to get rid of President Trump any way they can.

Constant attacks by congressional Democrats, the very liberal media and others who throw tantrums push the same message that President Trump is evil and must be impeached. Some have strongly hinted they’d like to see him dead.

Yes, the haters stick together. Their letters to the U-B display a stubborn unity of purpose. Most letters are worded like a prepared script. No reasonable dialogue, just the same monotonous here we go again list of unsubstantiated accusations and disrespectful blabber.

The barrage of hate isn’t likely to stop, but President Trump doesn’t stop either. He continues to do all he can to keep America safe and strong. He has strong support from most Americans, and this drives the hate gang nuts, and they act like they’re nuts! They don’t like to be described as hateful. Then, they should stop acting hateful!

Recently, a letter was submitted to the U-B by a person who continually berates President Trump. He quoted several Scriptures, which is fine. However, it appeared he used the Scriptures as a way to imply that God hates Trump and anyone who supports him.

Satan can quote Scripture, too. He does it to deceive people into thinking they have moral superiority, like Maxine Waters who proclaimed, “God is on our side,” as she incited violence against Republicans.

None of us have the right to claim the moral high ground, because all of us sin. God hates our sin, but he doesn’t hate us. Anyone who puts themselves on a self-made throne is bound to fall off, and it’s a long way down!

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla

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