• Monica Simmons

Local artists Lianne Schellenberg and Kay Fortner have distinct styles, but share a love for a time-honored art form that continues to evolve: quilting.

Lifestyles E-Edition

  • Diane Reed

Move over Norman Rockwell — Walla Walla’s Norman Adams was an award-winning and nationally renowned artist and illustrator who made his mark in the art world and returned home by choice. And in the Valley, his artistic horizons expanded into the wildlife art he’s best known for.  

Jack Largent and Janet Byerley took advantage of an opportunity and found themselves renovating the barn out back and the home next door. Now they are in the guesthouse business.

  • Jennifer Colton-Jones

Faith and medicine run deep in the Walla Walla Valley, and to tell the story of one is often to tell the story of the other.

  • Diane Reed

Architects and builders often have a strong influence on the structural legacy of a community.

  • Catie McIntyre Walker

There are many chapters to this story about an old building located on the corner of Cherry Street and Third Avenue.

Walla Walla's wine industry has a well-earned reputation for producing some of Washington's finest red wines. It also crafts some of the state's most expensive wine options.

  • BETHANY JEAN CLEMENT of The Seattle Times

The first time Jake Manny ate Nashville hot chicken, he cried the whole time. He’d just moved to that city with a one-way plane ticket, two duffel bags and a dream of actually opening his own bar instead of just talking about it.

Rather than nurturing plant stems and garden hoses, Jim Herbert’s property supports valve stems and radiator hoses.

Jim Herbert’s 1910 Craftsman features its original woodwork, plus a few updates over the years.

  • Diane Reed

Fire agencies assess risks and help area residents keep their homes and properties safe from widland fires.

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