Following his photography muse, Nick Page of Dayton has of late become a global traveler and guide, co-leading photographic tours of various picturesque locations worldwide. Over the past year he’s taken clients to destinations including China, the Oregon Coast, Arizona’s box canyons and Ice…

Lifestyles E-Edition

  • Emily Poole

Husband-and-wife filmmaking team Jerry and Machelle Hartman are back home in College Place after several months researching in the Philippines for what they hope will be their fifth community-directed documentary film.

  • Catie McIntyre Walker

Residents of Walla Walla’s green valley often consider the area among the nation’s best-kept secrets. Yet we are being watched — through the wine glass, and with great global interest.

  • Melissa Davis

What do Yemen, India, Thailand and Morocco have in common? Would you be surprised to find out it’s Walla Walla?

  • Janice James

Dr. Gary Rollefson has been involved in anthropological and archaeological research in the Near East for over 40 years. He has published widely on the prehistory of Jordan, with an emphasis on the Neolithic period between 9500-5000 B.C., when Earthlings turned from hunting animals and gather…

One might wonder how a farm girl from Southeast Washington became a world traveler with a lasting global impact. In a word: curiosity, explains Cheryl Hansen, who grew up outside Waitsburg and who has now experienced life in over 40 countries.

A group of Walla Walla High School students, freshman Hispanic young women known as Las Latinas, recently won prizes in Washington State University’s annual Imagine Tomorrow problem-solving competition for high-schoolers.

  • Monica Simmons

John Deere Technology instructor Les Echtenkamp sits in the plush seat of a JD 9400T tractor (boasting a 225-horsepower engine), which blows cool air on a hot day. With his route planned and running on a screen, all he has to do is sit back, turn up the radio and make sure he doesn’t hit a d…

Once Jackie and Ken Ladd moved away from the area, they never dreamed they’d come back. But they eventually bought the 1961 home at 1016 S.E. 12th St., College Place, in December 2009. They made the move here from Vermont in August 2010.

Awards and scholarships are ways of recognizing academic achievement, but they also can help pave the way for more talent to enter the workforce. Opportunities for tech-related work are available, with many positions going unfilled. To help fill the void, young women in high school and colle…

  • Tamara Enz

As with many buzzwords and hyped dietary recommendations, “gluten-intolerant” and “gluten-free” seem to be circulating everywhere, polarizing populations into gluten-free and gluten-free-intolerant camps. A little information can go a long way toward understanding, and perhaps empathizing wi…

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