• Sarah Coleman Kelnhofer

Entrepreneurship. Upon hearing this word, millions of people visualize their own daily lives: Getting up, going to work and drawing a paycheck — from themselves.

Lifestyles E-Edition

Ironic that a column on New Year’s resolutions would run in February, especially when one of the top commitments is “Don’t Wait, Do It!” But in my defense, my excuse is golden, since the January edition of Lifestyles was a long-overdue calendar. So with that perfect segue — on with the new y…

  • Janice James

Eva Brown recalls something she wrote in the second grade that she likes to share with her students: She wanted to be either a teacher or a party planner when she grew up. Nowadays, to visit Tiny Acres, the preschool she owns in College Place, is to marvel at the full-blown trajectory early-…

Former contractors Barb and Carl Syltebo ended up just where they wanted to be when they found the house at 733 Lincoln St.

  • Catie McIntyre Walker

“Out with the old and in with the new” is a concept many people celebrate as December ends and a new year begins. However, it isn’t always accurate when it comes to wine; there, it’s more about “out with the oldest, and in with the old.”

  • Tamara Enz

We all know the clichés about holiday gifts — the fruitcake that has been passed around for years, the hideous holiday sweater you are expected to wear and the gewgaw that is relegated to the back corner of your darkest closet as soon as the giver is not looking.

  • Ashlee McNicol

Even with all the conveniences of modern technology, sometimes nothing seems simple. Some days are harder than others, especially if you go along with the mantra “You are living to work, not working to live.”

  • Diane B. Reed

Tucked into the northeast corner of Oregon at the southern entrance to the Walla Walla Valley, Milton-Freewater is a city rich in history, strong in spirit and long on dreams. It’s a laid-back, family-friendly town that welcomes new residents and businesses with open arms — a community of ha…

  • Catie Joyce-Bulay

“Our home is lighter,” says Betty Simcock, a Walla Walla resident who recently embarked on a decluttering journey.

Artistic upgrades to the historic Sharpstein Manor, 208 S. Palouse St., have been a work of love by owners Joyce Adamson and George Patterson.

  • Janice James

Excitement is building at the Whitman Mission, one of Walla Walla’s best-visited attractions. As the centennial celebration of its founding in 1936 by the National Park Service as Whitman National Monument grows nearer, a much-awaited opportunity to invigorate the venerable narrative of the …

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